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Roger N. Wright

For nearly forty years, Dr. Roger N. Wright (MIT '65 & '69) has provided consulting and technical services in metallurgy and metals processing. Clients have included many of the world’s leading corporations, as well as major technical operations of the US government. Moreover, Dr. Wright has had extensive experience in litigation support, working with both defendants and plaintiffs. He is highly active in industrial education, and has created the popular WireDrawing 101® short course, offered in public forums, and available on a customized, private basis. His book, Wire Technology – Process Engineering and Metallurgy, Butterworth-Heinemann (Elsevier), Oxford, 2011 (ISBN 978-0-12-382092-1), is readily available from the publisher, as well as from major on-line sources.

If you are looking for practical, clearly-stated information and analysis, based on the most rigorous engineering and scientific principles, contact Dr. Wright by phone at (618) 943-1029, or by email at wrightinc@earthlink.net.

The address of Roger N. Wright, Inc. is 600 State Street, Lawrenceville, IL 62439 (USA).

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